Cararama [1:24] Fiat Bravo


Something I don't collect that much is scale 1:24, but a few models of the Hongwell manufactorer are already a while on the wanna have list.
Unfortunately you can't get products of Hongwell easy anymore here in Europe. The own Cararama name is changed to Motorama by a company in Itally that likes to own the rights for selling. So only over there it's easy to find them and brand Shuco isn't taking over much and as always takes part of the profit so models are more expensive.

The first to post is the Fiat Bravo, a car that could be part of a larger amount of 1:24 Fiat's for my collection, but decided not to for the time being.

This specific model had some issues with his antenna, so the methode I used for the Tucson is also used here. A part of a needle is glued on it and replaced the part that wasn't straight anymore.

--- Fiat Bravo ---

cool~i like the car very much