A new Bentley Continental Supersport 18/24 in new pack.

b18 24.jpg

Both in 1/18 and 1/24, looks clean and rigid!

new era is coming to 1/24!


There Model Is Welly......


Edited by Dracula at 2012-1-18 19:19 hmmm. ..these two are produced by welly, but have not been released yet.
as we can see, welly has been making progress these years, which is reflected in their recent products. they also did a commendable job in capturing the shape and stance of this bentley continental gt, the interior and the door glass are also remarkble...(the one at 1/18 scale)
however, there are 2  defects: the grille is not hollowed and the logo is printed on the paintwork.
as for the exhaust pipe, i think it's quite easy to modify
anyway, i'm looking forward to this item

We r all looking forward to it and with serious attention.
Not bad la~~^_^


I love the color!


what brand the 18 one is?minichamps~~~?

is it by Welly?

yes the grille from Minichamps are hollow formed , but if Welly...PRICE is the 1st ISSUE. And the gillie has been made deep enough., very very sharp!
And the 1/24 is the main point, the old style hinge has gone!


@ 9# hanszulo

actually the grille of the minichamps version is not hollowed, either. but it is chrome plated so it looks okay.
btw, did you see this welly version in person?


Is the 1/18 Bentley released?
Are more interior pictures available?

Looks amazing so far.


But the version of this is different with Minichamps, this is Supersport ! should be black in colour. Also I found there are many version as the owners can order what they want, likely the Matt black version, it's cool.